Wealth is not
a dirty word

Even many of the most affluent will often admit that they are uncomfortable with the word “wealth.” They’re not sure they want to be considered “wealthy” or that a “wealth management firm” is right for them. After all, the values that made them successful in the first place often seem to be at odds with the way “wealthy” people live their lives.

We believe that wealth isn’t about accumulating the most material possessions. Rather, it is about having the financial means (and the freedom) to live a meaningful and rewarding life. In other words, we see wealth as a just reward for the hard work it took to get where you are.

But no matter how you look at wealth, the fact is the more you have the more complicated life becomes. Rather quickly, managing your finances can take up an outsized portion of your time. And even for people who’ve built and run successful businesses, it can be overwhelming.

And that’s where wealth management comes in.

Wealth Management. An introduction.

At most wealth management firms, the service involves combining financial and investment advice, estate, retirement and business planning, perhaps giving the client access to a handful of exotic investment products and then charging them set fee. And while these services are all well and good, they don’t necessarily free up any of your time, or make your life any simpler. In fact, they sometimes have the opposite effect, adding unnecessary complexity that doesn’t move you any closer to the things that matter to you.

We believe wealth management is about much more that wealth. For while we provide our clients with all of these and other services, we look at wealth management as helping clients manage their finances so that they can spend their time on the things that matter more than wealth. Their families .. their businesses … their lives.

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to provide any of this if we weren’t working tirelessly to grow and preserve the wealth these clients have entrusted to us. That’s a given. While many firms may make a similar promise, there is considerable evidence that we actually deliver on ours.

A different kind of
Wealth Management

For one thing, we are a firm of fiduciaries.  A Registered Investment Advisor, to be precise. Which means we have a legal obligation to place our clients’ interests above our own. Many firms have no such obligation.

For another, we’re not one of those big financial firms with hundreds of offices, billions in assets under management and acres of floor space.

We’ve worked in firms like those and quickly acquired a distaste for their cookie-cutter solutions … recommendations that benefit the firm but seldom the client … and the special treatment they reserve for their biggest clients.

So when we started BGA in Atlanta GA, we determined to be different. To temper our growth so we never get too big to treat every client as if he or she were our only client. To truly get to know every client so that we can always offer solutions that meet his or her needs.   And to strive to provide to every client advice and service superior to that offered by any other firm. Regardless of the size of that client’s portfolio.

You may find our way of looking at wealth to be exactly what you’ve been looking for.