Lawrence Donroe-Wells

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Larry grew up in Athens Georgia and was educated in the local schools. As a high school senior, Larry told his parents where he wanted to attend college. His dad, a faculty member at the University of Georgia, offered, “Son, I’ll pay for you to go the University of Georgia, or I’ll pay for you to go to the University of Georgia.” Larry took the first offer and spent the next 5 years attending football games, college parties, and ultimately completing his BBA and MBA.

He left Athens for Nashville to seek his fortune. On his journey to music fame, however, he entered the corporate world with his first grown-up job as a financial analyst at Corroon & Black, a large nationally recognized insurance brokerage firm. During his years in Nashville, Larry joined the Freeman Companies, a local real estate investment and property management firm that developed and managed private real estate offerings (i.e. limited partnerships) of multi-family and commercial real estate investments throughout the southeast.  While at Freeman, Larry worked within a group that created, marketed, and managed SEC-registered real estate investment partnerships.

In the late 1980’s, Larry missed being closer to his family and decided to relocate to Atlanta. It wasn’t quite his hometown, but it was close enough. Larry had acquired his real estate broker’s license when he lived in Nashville and thus began a long real estate career, first in commercial and then in residential real estate once he moved south.

From 2004 through 2014, Larry worked independently as a marketing and financial consultant while raising his son, Connor, until he graduated from elementary school. In 2014, Larry decided to jump back into the workforce.  He contacted his friend and financial advisor, Russell Clarke, and asked if he would forward his resume to any contacts who might be looking for someone with his experience. Russell responded, “I will, but I might have something for you. Hang tight.”

For nearly 6 years, Larry has been working as a Financial Advisor with Russell Clarke and his team, first at Ameriprise Financial and now at Benedetti, Gucer & Associates. The team offers a collaborative and comprehensive approach to managing each client’s investments with care, experience, and respect for the client’s needs.